Call for papers for a proposed special issue of Critical Public Health

Call for papers for a proposed special issue of Critical Public Health. Editors: Kirsten Bell, University of British Columbia and Denielle Elliott, York University

‘Death by a thousand cuts’: Social science research on health in the age of research ethics regulation

The special issue addresses research ethics regulation processes and implications for social science research on health-related topics (especially topics connected to public health, health promotion or other related areas).

Papers focusing on the following topics would be particularly welcome:
• Critical explorations of core bioethical concepts such as ‘informed consent’, ‘vulnerability’, ‘coercion’, ‘conflict of interest’, ‘dual relationships’, etc., and problems with the ways they are applied to social science research on health.
• Examinations of the ways institutional ethics review requirements have become entangled with other forms of governance (e.g., institutional liability, financial reporting requirements, publication integrity).
• Analyses of the ways that review requirements may serve to silence certain types of health research—especially research that is critical of institutions, policies or practices.
• Explorations of the ways research participants taking part in health-related research understand ‘ethical’ research and the disjuncture from those values committees’ tend to prioritize.
• Ethnographic examinations of the operation of research ethics committees in the context of social science research on health.

Please find the complete call for paper here.

Deadline for submission of abstracts by 15 April 2014.

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